June 17th, 2008


Pick-Your-Own-Pics: A Community Comment Picspam

Now that we're beginning to recover from the emotional catastrophe of the S3 finale, we thought it was time to trade in our tear-soaked tissues for party hats and noise makers.  So in honor of Dean Winchester, we present our visual equivalent of a Bring-Your-Own-Beer party ... a Pick-Your-Own-Pics Picspam! :D

This is a little fun to help us through the hiatus and a way to look at pretty pictures and talk about the visual aspects of the Show without writing meta. PYOP is a bi-monthly picspam created by the community for our own self-indulgent pleasure. :) It's easy. We'll give the prompt, you comment with your favorite Show picture(s) and/or screencap(s), and we'll build a community picspam full of lovely images based on personal opinion. Feel free to contribute as many pictures as you like, add your own thoughts (meta-ish or not) to your picture, comment on other peoples' pictures/comments, or just slap you picture up and wait for someone to say, "Hello!"  Pictures can be episode and DVD-extras screencaps and/or promotional and behind-the-scenes images. Meet other fans, be a little silly (crack is always encouraged), and revisit some of our favorite moments of the past three seasons. Everyone is welcome. Share the love and September won't seem so far away!

Hook, Line, and Sinker: The Moment I Became the Show's Bitch was Caught (PYOPP 1)

Comment with a picture/screencap of the moment(s)/scene(s) you knew you were hooked on SPN. If you can't remember a specific moment (it's all a haze of fluffy clouds and rainbows), comment with picture/screencap of the reason(s) why you're a fan (how many pictures of JA's lips/freckles/eyes/neck/bum/ankles will there be?). Feel free to annotate your picture and/or write an explanation. Comment as many times as you'd like, add as many pictures as you'd like, pretty much do whatever you like (as rules are just fuzzy constructs) as long as it's good intentioned and in the spirit of the Show. However, so we can all see the pictures at a glance, please do not comment with a hyperlink address. Instead embed your picture using this html code:

<img src="web address of the picture"/>

Need pictures? Visit The Library, a resource page for the visual aspects of the Show.

Have fun!