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The Vault

The Vault
is an archive of all of the cinematographic-slanted metas not posted at this community we could unearth listed by posting date. Give you eyeballs some exercise! Go read and get lost in the wonderful madness of other peoples' brains. 

Feel free to suggest new (or old) metas not posted at this community in the comments. 

"Dean's Emotional State and The Condition of The Impala" (S1) (09/02/06) and (S2) (01/04/07) by anteka 
How careful framing may reflect Sam and Dean’s emotional states. The addendum discusses the “Hero’s Journey” and what could be in store for the boys.

Visual Framing in Croatoan (2.09) (01/03/07) and addendum (01/06/07) by caffienekitty 
An analysis of the framing and postures of the boys from a screenshot of the by-the-river scene in Croatoan and a discussion of brother separation and denial. 

“Blue Velvety Smoothness” (05/05/07) by missyjack 
SPN’s visual language yielding information about the narrative and the characters in the pilot (1x01), “Salvation” (1x21), and “WiAWSNB” (2x20).

“Kripke and His Camera: Pastels, Flowers, and Symbolism in WiAWSNB”
(05/09/07) by  bowtrunckle 
Lighting, frame composition, motifs, character/color associations, and their symbolic significance in the pilot (1x01), “Wendigo” (1x02), “Home” (1x09), and “WiAWSNB” (2x20).

“Rose Iconography and Links Between PsyKid Generations” (05/19/07) by bowtrunckle 
The symbolic significance of the reoccurring rose motif and the color blue.

“Riverview Hospital in Various TV Shows” (07/05/07) by staranis 
A great way to see how the same location can be transformed by the art director and set decorator. Plus nice pictures of the boys and Jensen in "Dark Angel".

"The Cinematography and Visual Elements of SPN, Part 1: Lens Flares" (07/30/07) by hugemind 
All things shiny and reflective and where and when they occur in S1 and S2. 

“Red Demons and Yellow Psychics: Color Associations and Their Role in Supernatural’s Visual Language -- Part I” (09/06/07) by bowtrunckle 
Why the yellow and red color combination is something to look out for in S3. 

“The Flamingos in SPN 1x17” (09/08/07) by hugemind 
A cracktastically cracky crack!meta about the boys and pink birds prompted by a screencap from “Hell House” (1x17).

"Supernatural and the Western" (10/04/07) by inmyriadbits
How the boys and the women in their lives compare to their Western genre counterparts.

"Salvation, Colors, and Mini-Picspam" (10/10/07) by blackjedii 
An examination of the final scene between Sam and Dean in "Salvation" (1x21) from a color perspective.  

"The Angel In The House": On the Presence of a Higher Power (10/24/07) by sadelyrate
Possible meanings for the colors blue and green in Supernatural's visual language.

SPN 3.07 - a meta with picspam (11/16/07) by smilla02
A dissection of Sam and Dean's brotherly bonding conversation in "Fresh Blood" (3x07).

A Colorful Dream a Little Dream of Me Analysis (03/26/08) by bloggingchick
An interpretation of the rainbow of colors in this episode and discussion of peacock symbolism.

Hero of Love - Supernatural - 4.22 "Lucifer Rising" - meta on the paintings in the green room (5/17/09) by horusguard76
Just as the title suggests!

SPN Meta: 5.01 Visual Framing Meta (9/11/09): by caffienekitty
Sam's isolation reflected by the visual compartmentalization of him between the frames of doors and mirrors.

Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil (9/14/09) by sarka
Dean's anger reflected by blocking, camera treatment, and eye contact. Note: the meta starts half way down the page. 

On the SPN Title Card Sequences Old and New (09/15/09) by meiou_set
Thoughts on the images, movements, sounds, elements, and themes attached to each season as demonstrated by the title cards.

SPN 5.02 picspam and some icons (09/21/09) by smilla02
Long shots, pans, bridges, and stairways.
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