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The Library

The Library
is list of handy resources useful for creating cinematography-related metas or satisfying the pretty picture addiction. Need screen caps?  Have a burning desire to know what color the motel room in 1x03 was or how many pairs of shoes Dean owns? Crave a pretty shot to get the brain thinking? Or perhaps you want to brush up on the more technical aspects of cinematography and film analysis. Peruse the stacks and whoop loudly. 
Leave a comment to add your own resources. We love sharers.

Screencap Archives

SPN Screencaps
by homeofthenutty  
1280 x 720 caps for S1-S6 plus each season's intros.

Supernatural Caps by potthead 
1024 x 576 caps for most seasons (including S5 and S6)

HD Logo free screencaps by toxic_caps 
1280 x 720 caps for S4-S6.  Now all posts are f-locked.  Join the community for access.

SPN Screencaps by marishna  
1680 x 946 caps for S1-mid S5 plus the S1-S4 DVD extras including gag reels.

Screencap Paradise

Decent resolution (196x672) caps of S1-S4. Contains scenery and prop shots that are usually absent in LJ capper’s files.  Spoilerphobes beware of episode titles for unaired episodes on this site.

Oxoniensis Screencaps
by oxoniensis  
Caps of various resolutions for select episodes of S1 and S2-mid S5.

Various Episode Caps
by bellanut  
This gallery of moderately high resolution caps (1280 x 720) was created for picspams with an emphasis on clothing, sets, guest stars, "money shots", and the boys' hands and necks.  Hard to find screencaps live here.  Select episodes for S1, S3, S4 and all of S2 as well as the S2 DVD extras including the gag reel, JP's screen test, and the deleted scenes have been capped. 

Shadow of Reflection
by shadowofreflect 
Complete S1-S6 caps (1280 x 720).  S1-S5 are bluray caps.

Picspams useful for cinematography purposes

“Motels and Inns of Supernatural (S1)”
, (S2) and (S3) by bellanut  

“The Sam Winchester Clothing Catalogue (S1-S3)”
and “The Dean Winchester Clothing Catalogue (S1-S3)” by bellanut  

"Supernatural Pretty Things (S1)"
, "Supernatural Pretty Things (S2)" and "Supernatural Pretty Things (S3)" by green_queen  

"Sam and Dean's Synchronicity" by micawbish  

Trivia and Details useful for meta

dudemeter  for S1, S2 and S3


Glossary of film terms

Cinematic terms with examples

Technical aspects and cinematography in other films/shows of the same genre

"The Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock"

"Observations on Film Art: Funny Framings"

An archive of lighting-related articles from the magazine “Videomaker”. Other technical aspects of filming can be found here.

Cinematography and cinematic techniques
 from Wikipedia

The technical aspects of photography
(the fraternal twin of cinematography) from Wikipedia

Photography techniques and equipment from Wikipedia
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