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Episode Prompt and Discussion 8x12

The Winchester Legacy...

The rules in a nutshell:

  1. Pick a screencap or two (or more), write a meta.
  2. Post meta in a new entry (here or link to your lj), use lj-cuts and warn for spoilers if necessary.
  3. Use "As Time Goes By (8x12)" in the subject line when you post the meta; if you want to post the meta for an episode before the prompt is up, go right ahead, just change the title to fit the episode. :)

These episode prompts are our spin on the traditional meta by examining how the characters' journey and plot are visually reflected in the show. The idea is to generate a visual summary for each episode, something that one can flip though and get a sense of the major themes and plot points using pictures as the foundation as well as (hopefully) generate discussion and give everyone something new to look at. With permission, posts may be incorporated into our community project: The Viewer's Guide.

Using screencaps as ammunition, discuss how you think the visual material reinforces character development/motivation and/or the plot for a single episode. Feel free to take the character angle or the plot angle or both. Which specific components discussed are up to you. How long or short your entry is also at your discretion (but if you want to go full-on "meta and multi-screencap" we definitely won't complain). Because everyone will likely have different opinions and pick different caps, the possibilities are unlimited. Therefore, there's no limit to how many people can contribute. There's no need to claim a prompt; post the resulting meta in a separate entry no matter the size. We only ask that you please place the following title "The Visual Story at a Glance: As Time Goes By (8x12)" in the subject line of your meta. This along with the separate entries will help keep meta organized and easily searchable/archiveable. Feel free to post at your journal and link here or post directly to this community. The prompts will be open indefinitely.

Go forth and enjoy the pretty pictures and think thinky thoughts. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Screencaps: 1280x720 at Homeofthenutty.
Tags: 8x12, episode discussion, episode prompt, mod post
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