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Welcome to spnematography!

This is a community for discussing the cinematographic aspects of the prettiest show on tv: Supernatural.

Many people have noticed how visually appealing the show is as celebrated in many picspams, and the complex character relationships and ever-changing dynamics have provoked many metas. However, the two haven't often been mentioned together; this community is where meta meets visual style.

Posts can cover elements present in one screen cap to all episodes, and the attention can be directed to a wide variety of topics: lightning, blocking, framing, frame composition, motifs, use of colors/filters, camera angles, wardrobe, directorial style, etc. Pretty much anything on-screen is fair game. :) We only ask that the posts are not just picspams but have some level of analysis in them - may it be meta or more technical and cinematography-related or both. Even cinematographically spun crack!meta is welcome (a small example of such can be found here).

The community has episode prompts where the idea is to cover a chosen episode by concentrating on a screen cap or two. These prompts are free to be adopted by anyone and as many people who are interested. We will have occasional recommendation posts where we point out resources and metas not posted here. We also have on-going projects, one of which is a SPN Viewer's Guide that will combine trivia, general themes, niggling details, and cinematography.

To whet your appetite, The Spnematography Vault is an archive of past cinematography-related metas and will give you an idea of what types of posts we love (but by no means are limited to). The Spnematography Library is a link resource to help with the compilation of new posts. Current rules and guidelines can be found here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, comment in the mod posts or email spnematography [at] gmail [dot] com.


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